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Messy Humanity

Have you ever had this happen?

You see someone who seems "farther along on the path" than you. More together. More adult. Spiritually evolved. Whatever it may be. And you look up to them.

Then you get in close and begin to know them.

And you discover underneath all of that evolution and togetherness is a messy imperfect human filled with insecurities.

And you find yourself disappointed. Maybe even you feel like distancing yourself from them. Even though their advice is good. Even though they consistently encourage you to live YOUR values. You just don't have the same reverence for them anymore.

Because it continually happens to me. And I am forced te recognize the human in front of me. And even more daunting, the human within.

Because what I react to in others, is what I fear in myself. Greed reminds me of my own greediness. Insecurity reminds me of my own feelings of inadequacy. Lashing out reminds me of my own temper and tendency to harm others with my words.

My desire to cast out anyone less than perfect is merely a reflection of my own desire to cast out parts of myself that I deem unlovable.

So to all my deeply flawed, imperfect, and wonderful people.

The messy humanity in me sees and honors the messy humanity in you.

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