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My favorite Art Products

This is the BEST paint pen. Why? Because I can use any paint I want, wash it out and use it again!!!

I bought these cool tips with it so I can make lines of alllll sizes. Bonus, this can be used to apply small lines of glue, glaze, or really anything you want to have control over.

My favorite paint to use in these is simply watered down acrylic. This brand is my current favorite:

And finally, the gouache paint I am currently using is this brand. It is a great starter kit and not too expensive, which is great for me since I have to share with the whole family. The colors are excellent and I have had such good results with these.

Oh and that little wedge thing I use with acrylic paint is this guy here:

I will update this page as I fall in love with more art supplies, in the meantime, have so much fun creating!!

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